Covid-19 Golf Course Updates

Author: Tee Time Saver

Sunday 12th of April 2020 1:37

With the regional Covid-19 situation constantly changing, and governments being forced into snap regional lockdowns and business closures, it be a little confusing keeping up with what golf courses are open. Below we will maintain an updated summary of the various regulations in each country. 

When searching for a golf course on Tee Time Saver, if the course is closed, this will be clearly stated on the golf course, and you will not be able to purchase tee times.  

Latest Updates:


Thailand: Thailand is currently experiancing a third wave of Covid-19, with many regional restrictions in place. As of now all golf courses are still open, with the exception of courses that have been closed for 2 weeks due to outbreaks. All courses are operating under strict Covid restricitons, and courses in the zones classified Dark Red (including Bangkok and Pattaya) are only allowed to serve take away F&B.  

Malaysia: Malaysia has just enterted its 3rd Movemenet Control Order due to an increase in cases. Due to that, all golf courses across the country are closed until June 7th 2021.


Country Updates:


Cambodia: Most Golf Courses in Cambodia are Open for business (strict Covid-19 guidelines apply).


Indonesia: Golf course in Indonesia are open (strict Covid-19 guidelines apply). International borders remain closed, although the government is working to open the country up to tourists in the latter part of the year, starting the proposed reopening of Bali in July 2021. 


Philippines: Golf Courses in the Phillippines are Open for business (strict Covid-19 guidelines apply).


Singapore: Golf Courses in Singapore are Open for business (strict Covid-19 guidelines apply). The pandemic however has caused huge demand for golf in Singapore, and tee times are fairly difficult to come by at the moment. 


UAE: Most Golf Courses in the UAE are Open for business (strict Covid-19 guidelines apply).


Vietnam: Most Golf Courses in Vietnam are Open for business (strict Covid-19 guidelines apply). Authorities are currently working on a plan to allow vaccinated foreign tourists to start entering the country without quarantine from late 2021.